Monday, February 22, 2010

How to create a Wrinkled Paper Texture with Photoshop

Wrinkled Paper Texture
How many time have you looked for a paper texture and haven't been able to find exactly what you need?
This tutorial will cover part of your possible exigences.
Obviously you can use this one just downloading it but I think that creating the texture by yourself it’s more exciting and allow you a better control on the process.

I hope this tutorial can help you in that way ^__^!

  1. Open a new document. I recommend a good resolution to have a paper available for multiple uses.

  2. Fill the background layer with a creamy color, I used #f6f4ef.
  3. Create a new layer and choose a new solid color darker than the first. I’ve used #bca46c.
  4. Select the Gradient Tool (G) and set the options as shown below.

    paper 02

  5. Now you just have to play adding several Angle Gradient, Reflected Gradient and Diamond Gradient on the same layer.
    For example:

    paper 03

  6. Drop down the opacity level to 15% and see the result.

    paper 04
It is already good but we can add some more realistic touches.
  1. Create a new level and repeat steps 5 and 6 using a opacity level of 10%. We have now more wrinkles.
  2. Applying to this level a Filter>Texture>Texturizer with the value as shown below you will add a slight grain to the paper.

    paper 05 paper 06

  3. Play with the Blending Modes to get different effects and wrinkles strength.
  4. Use the Smudge tool on the strongest wrinkles if you want a more natural and softer effect. I've applied it here and there.

    paper 08
    paper 09
This is the final result.

Wrinkle paper texture

Wrinkled Paper Texture


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