Thursday, March 25, 2010

Inspiration and Products: Free MOO Ideas Book

moo_01 Because I've submitted the Moo newsletter, last week I received it delivered in my e-mail.
The newsletter has usually some tips about Moo products use, suggestions and discount codes. The last newsletter has a little and interesting surprise: a shared book containing fresh ideas coming from how Moo's customers have applied their services to the reality. The Free Moo Ideas Book (see the related post on Moo blog).
The book is a 68 pages pdf book that anyone can read on Issu or Slideshare.
Besides being an attractive advertising medium, it offers an opportunity for designers to take inspiration for a creative use of classical graphic communication supports such as product labels or save-the-date cards.

It consists of four sections:
  • packaging and branding for retails
  • promotion for individuals and small business
  • occasions events and gifts
  • wonderful weddings

Inspiration is the point

Moo staff have simply collected ideas from designers that have used their service to create something different creating an inspiration source itself. A business card, standard or mini-size, a gift card could be simply what they are or a creative graphic idea.
You can use a couple of them to tell your story and attach it to your product.
This is a nice idea to talk about you and your activities, to show what and how you create, for example, your handmade jewelry, the care that you put inside.moo_02
You may print as many different business cards as the number of your different product is, to promote your business or even yourself. Pages 20-22-27 are good example of that.moo_03
The model promote herself with her beautiful looking photo on the business card front. The candies shop shows greedy sweets and lets the customer see the tasty flavors, successfully combining sight and taste senses.

What you can learn

Mini-cards, gift cards and sticker can be useful gift-wrapping tools or can be customized to announce a birth.
moo_04 moo_05
As example, the sticker uses shown have suggested me other and different possibilities. My customers that have just opened their brand new organic shop (see the related post about Biomarket opening) have not a huge amount of business mail exchange, by the way they may want, sometimes, to show their logo on the envelope without having them printed. A sticker could be a solution.


The book is what is announced in the title: a collection, similar to many others roundup that you can find just surfing on Internet.
By the way we all know that we, as designers, never feel ourselves full enough of new inspiring stuff.
The resource is free so why not to download it simply saying thank you?


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