Thursday, April 29, 2010

Beautiful Coffee Packaging Roundup

solberg2As a good Italian I'm coffee addicted. I simply love coffee made with a traditional moka, short and strong as is Italian style but I also appreciate coffee from other Countries. Without a coffee I just can't wake me up in the morning. O_O
Following this passion I've collected some nice coffee packaging that I want to share as inspiration.

Lavazza pyramid-shaped tin

Caffé Lavazzalavazza2 The Canadian graphic designer and illustrator Lexane Rousseau has designed an interesting solution to keep separated the different tasty varieties of the famous Italian coffee Lavazza. The metal case looks nice and modern, it helps to save space tiling the single tins.

Illy Caffé
Illy CafféAnother classical Italian coffee with a long tradition in its innovative design cans.
I quote from the Illy website:
The Illy Art Collection 2010 cans have been designed by renowned German artist Tobias Rehberger, winner of the  2009 Venice Biennale“Leone d’Oro.” The collection is composed of two complementary limited-edition cans: “Everything” will be available world wide from March (June in the US), and “Nothing” from July to December.


caribou_coffee_cupsCaribou-Dark-Roast-Sampler_600 I like the design of the Caribou new logo, the font choosing and the light blue color. Anyway I think they need to restyle the coffee packaging too because the gap is huge.


tusso The packaging palette has traditional colors, black and dark orange, but I really love the idea of putting on the pack coffee stains.

Dimello, Doppio and Social

Dimellodoppiosocial1social2 Very beautiful works from the Greek company S & Team. The three different marks have each of them their personality, beautiful warm colors and simple but elegant logo. One of my favorite.


mocafemocafe2 Elegant but classic the packaging ideated by Mary Chin Hutchison.

Stomping grounds

tbd_advertising_coffee_ Coffee packaging of Stomping Grounds by TBD Advertising. Agreeable caramelized colors  but I don't like very much the visuals.

Solberg & Hansen

solberg1 solberg2 Designed by Norwegian design firm, Anti. As declared by the designer the brand is trying to differentiate and stand out from the traditional competitors that exist in this market. In my opinion it hit the mark but not completely. Colors and visuals are really traditional and, frankly I've seen better attempt. I'm not saying that the result is not beautiful because it is but in this article you can fined more innovative solutions.

Bull Run Roasting Company

bullrun1 Jeff Holmberg from Holmberg Design has created the packaging design for BRRCO Coffee Bar in Rustica's Bakery, Minneapolis Minnesota. I love the grunge paper style that makes the packages looks like homemade.

Good Co.

goodco1 Brilliant the idea of pointing out the side effect of a coffee. It obviously need not to exceed, it may cause addiction! ^_^'
Designed by Landor Associates Sydney team

Stumptown Coffee Roasters

stumptown1 Fritz Mesenbrink, a freelance designer in Portland came up with this packaging for Stumptown. The coffee comes from direct trade, and this is significant. Very nice the idea of the small "business" kind card displaying information about growers, farms, flavors, locations and more. A different solutions to display all that information required from the law. It's a pity that, I think, in Italy a packaging like this can't work. Too many people handle the packages, bringing them all around the supermarket before leaving them at the cash desk. The little card risks to going lost forever.
Via The Dieline:

Miss Cordelia's Coffee

misscordeliacoffee1misscordeliacoffee2 Simple 2-color palette, I love the paper bag that feel me such a homemade, strong and tasty.
Via The Dieline by Nashville based Perky Bros:

Island of Gold Coffee Packaging

Island-of-gold-coffee Generally, I like the tin packaging for a coffee brand because it looks like you can maintain untouched the taste and the aroma. By the way the colors choose is a little bit too much traditional and the use of a coffee plant as visual too old fashion for me.

Maria Sole Espresso Coffee

maria_sole_espressomaria_sole_greenmaria_sole_yellow The packaging is really modern and tries to be different from other more traditional coffee packaging. Bright colors, no coffee beans, it looks more like a cosmetic packaging. I don't like very much the green version that I think matches better with a tea packaging but I like the Espresso version, silver with geometric Suns that remind the brand name (Sun=Sole).


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